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Christmas chat

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Christmas chat

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Did it snow last year at Christmas? Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were ? Did chrietmas enjoy last Christmas? Do people behave differently during Christmas? Do they try to be better?

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What is Christmas like in your hometown. Where will you go on Christmas Day.

What kind of interesting things do you do for Christmas in your home country. If so, how did you make them.

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How long is christmas chat Christmas vacation. What was the christmaz thing for you this year.

What was the best TV show for you this year. Where are you going for Christmas vacation. Cchat what age did you begin not believing in Santa Claus.

What kind of decorations. What's the best thing you left out for santa clause to eat on Christmas. What kind of presents do christmas chat buy.

Do you know why Christmas is celebrated around the world. When do you put up a Christmas tree.

Do people in your country usually make New Year's Resolutions. Do you know the history of Christmas.

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Who do you expect to receive presents from. What is your favorite Christmas song. What did chqt give for Christmas.

Is there a holiday similar to Christmas in your home country? Do you think we will have a white Christmas this year. Will you spend Christmas vacation with your family or your friends! What was the most regretful thing about this year.

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Will you travel abroad during the Christmas vacation. How many presents do you usually give.

What was the best item of clothing you bought this year. Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas.

What will you xhat on Christmas Day. What was the best place you visited this year. When do you do your Christmas shopping! How do you usually spend New Year's Eve. Is Christmas becoming too commercialized. If you had a million dollars, what would you do during Christmas time.


Do you have a Christmas tree! Do you have a part-time job during Christmas vacation.

How long do Christmas trees last. What did you get for Christmas.

Why do people sometimes write "Christmas" with an "X"?